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Saturday, August 12, 2017

North Korea

No one at work, really has the time to express their sentiments of concern to me, because I'm too busy taking care of problems, but the freaking media is whipping up a shit storm over that little fat bastard Kim.

This younger generation (appears to me) is made of stronger stuff. I haven't witnessed anyone running around screaming the sky is falling. And folks my age or older, remember living with these signs all over the place & I can still remember having to get under my desk at school as we did a "drill" for a disaster. Or all of us out in the hall, huddled up against the wall in the floor. Not one time did I feel afraid though.

If that little loony is actually stupid enough to escalate it to the point where we retaliate...His world will be like the end of Pac Man...Game over...Period.

We all have disagreements in this Country. Some are petty, while others are serious....But I look at it like family. We can say what we want to our blood. But when someone threatens us? We come together & stand tall.

So be it....