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Thursday, August 10, 2017


Is she really mentally ill or is it all just an act?

You have to ask yourself that question. I mean, I think all women are psycho to a degree (you won't see a line of guys outside of a prison wanting to marry some chick who killed dudes, but women do in droves over guys who kill women) Just one example.

She has done many things that as a man, I find offensive & bat shit crazy, but I'm not a crazy woman. When she spouted off about Arsenio Hall being Prince's drug dealer, he smacked her with a 5 million dollar defamation suit (to which she told him to suck her dick) Then...She apologized. (because he was going to clean her clock in court) Doesn't sound like a crazy person, just one who ran her mouth off & then realized, she was going to lose. Arsenio took the high road & dropped the suit. (lucky bitch)

She has done this...I'm going to kill myself act before. Just last June she went "missing" & was going to jump off a bridge. The month before that... The same shit. Going through a custody battle... (like that was going to help her) Yeah, she lost that one as well.

The list goes on. I don't follow her dumb ass & or her "career" but people who have mental problems, get help or they don't. Even those who do, can wind up like Robin Williams. I guess my point is simply this....

If you give a shit about her & feel sorry because she is living in a motel in New Jersey, then by all means, go get her & move her into your home. I don't want this crazy bitch anywhere near me. You can call me an insensitive prick, but I have dealt with way (WAY) too many psycho chicks & have done my fair share of being on the receiving end of their insanity.

Check your baggage at the door......