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Tuesday, August 1, 2017


When I see that sticker on someones car, I flip them off & see how much tolerance they have for that. Usually, you find out that they have no tolerance at all & will gladly whip one back at you. What they need on their window is really a sticker that says, I'm a hypocrite.

Then, you run into some asshole like this. Tooling around with an upside down cross & since that is on the back, I'm guessing it isn't an anarchist emblem on the rear window, but a curved pentagram.

I flip them off as well. It's nice that in America, we have the right to express our displeasure with those we disagree with. No words have to spoken, to perhaps cause a misinterpretation of the subject matter. A simple gesture with the middle finger is all one needs to get the message across that you think they are a complete asshole.

Now, when they see the sticker on my back glass, that says, here today, gone tomorrow.... They will either interpret it as a religious reference or that this guy don't give a shit.

Of course, it applies jointly. Because it is simply the truth.

The third option is it is simply a tune that came out during a time in my life where I was going through some major transitional shit & I was into it.

But you continue to drive around with your coexist sticker & I'll continue to flip you off.

Time for another cold one.